continuing Education (CE)

State-Specific CE Requirements

Continuing Education (CE) - Here's the 411:

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8 Hour Annual Continuing Education Requirement
Every state-licensed Mortgage Loan Originator is required to complete at least 8 hours of NMLS-approved education annually beginning the year they are licensed (unless PE was completed in the same year).

State-Specific CE (Continuing Education)
Some states require that you take state-specific continuing education annually in addition to the national 8-hour requirement. The table below details CE requirements for every state (“State CE Hours” column).  The 8 hour national CE course includes one hour of a state-specific elective.  Most states just require one hour of state-specific CE (shown in the column “State CE Hours”) and this state-specific CE can be the one hour elective in your 8 hour CE course.  However, some states are fickle and they require their CE to be in addition to the 8 hours of CE (NJ, NY, OR, UT, WA and WV).  If you have more than one MLO license, you will need to take one 8-hour CE course (with one of your states as the elective) and then take individual CE courses for each of your other states that require state-specific CE.  

How Do I Calculate the Amount of CE That I Need to Take?
For all of the states where you are licensed, add up the number of state-specific CE hours in the “State CE Hours” column.  If a state where you are licensed has a 0 in the “State CE Hours” column, then celebrate! No additional state-specific CE is required for that state!  Every licensed MLO will have to also take one 8-hour national CE course annually.  This course includes one hour of state-specific CE.  So, look at the list of all of your states where you are licensed and choose any state that requires one hour of state-specific CE to be your elective in the required national 8-hour course.  For every other state where you are licensed, you’ll have to take each state’s CE course individually (a la carte).  In the table below, the far right column has links that take you to OnCourse Learning’s CE courses for that state. 

Continuing Education (CE) Requirements by State

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*NV requires 10 hours (3 State Specific) for Late CE completed for 2010-2017.

Questions about Continuing Education Requirements?

Prefer to read about the state-specific continuing education requirements directly from the NMLS resource page?  Here you go!