Pre-licensing Education (PE)

State-Specific PE Requirements

The Skinny on Pre-Licensing Education (PE)

American Mortgage Licensing has partnered with Mortgage Educators & Compliance to offer you a substantial discount on all NMLS-approved mortgage license education courses. Use Partner Code AMLPE2 for all pre-license education courses. Refer to the table below for specific requirements by state.

20 Hour National Course Requirement
If you are getting licensed for the first time as an MLO, per the SAFE Act of 2008, you are required to complete 20 hours of NMLS-approved education.

State-Specific PE (Pre-licensing Education)
In addition to the 20 hours of education, some states require that you take a course on state-specific laws and procedures (see table below) prior to getting licensed. If you are taking the national 20 hour education (you are a new MLO), refer to the table below, find the state where you are wanting to get licensed, and click on the course link for that state. Most states allow their state-specific education to be included in the 20 national hours of Pre-licensing Education (PE). Other states like Texas, Connecticut, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Utah, Washington and West Virginia do not allow their state-specific education to be included in the national 20-hour SAFE course. So, for Texas (requires 3 hours of TX education), you would have to take a total of 23 hours of education (national 20-hour SAFE course plus 3-hour TX course). OnCourse Learning does bundle the national and state-specific courses into one course even for states like Texas.

Already Completed the National 20 Hours and Adding New State Licenses?   
If you have already completed your national 20-hour SAFE education requirement and you are adding more state licenses, refer to the table below to see the pre-licensing (PE) requirements by state. OnCourse Learning offers individual courses by state, and you would have to complete the education before any license appilcations could be submitted through the NMLS (Nationwide Multistate Licensing System).

Pre-licensing Education (PE) Requirements by State

*UT-DRE (as noted above) has an additional requirement of 15 hours of UT-DRE approved instruction for PE.
*OH requires 4hrs of OH specific law for the ORMLA license only
*OR Per OAR 441-880-0310(1)(b), PE is valid 3yrs from date education was completed or last day held a MLO license/registration in any jurisdiction, whichever is later.
*NC PE must be completed within 3 years of new or subsequent license application.

Questions about Pre-Licensing Education Requirements?

Prefer to read about the state-specific education requirements directly from the NMLS resource page?  Here you go!