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Specialized Licensing for Lead-Generation Companies

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Mortgage Licensing for Lead Generators
American Mortgage Licensing manages and maintains lead generation licensing projects for some of the largest household names in the mortgage and tech industries. Lead generators are a unique niche as it relates to mortgage licensing and we understand how traditional licensing approaches may not always apply with lead generation companies. Roughly 90% of the states will require lead generation companies to obtain mortgage broker licenses, but in our experience, just about every major lender will require your company to be licensed in every state.  It can be a very difficult process for a lead generator to qualify for a mortgage company license if they do not have an experienced loan originator on staff.  Our team has successfully transitioned many lead generation companies to become a qualified, licensed mortgage broker in each state. By carefully planning and managing the entire licensing process, we can ensure that your company will be able to legally maximize profits for your mortgage leads.  Let our experience and expertise speak for itself.  Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your licensing needs!

Lead Generator Compliance
You’re busy… let us handle ongoing compliance to keep your lead-gen company compliant once licensed.  Compliance deadlines, annual renewals, annual reports… these aren’t headaches for us but they can be for you.  Spend your time generating more business and let us help your company stay compliant.

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