Mortgage licensing

We manage the entire licensing process from start to finish.

For an inexperienced individual, obtaining a mortgage lender license is a time consuming and frustrating process.  But for us, your licensing project is our area of expertise.  Let American Mortgage Licensing do what we do best so you can do what you do best. Every state agency has its own nuances, requirements, time frames, etc. Our services free you up so you can manage your existing business without having to invest countless hours attempting to understand each state agency’s licensing process.

Why Choose Us

We put ourselves in your shoes and thought about the mortgage licensing process from the client’s perspective.  We have fine-tuned our services to be the most comprehensive licensing services available.  

Don't let mortgage licensing get you down!

When we manage your mortgage licensing project, we will:

Key variables such as physical office requirements, time frame for approval, cost factors, loan originator testing requirements and education, etc. can affect which states clients may want to pursue.

We complete and file your state business registrations with every Secretary of State (Name Approval and Foreign Certificates of Authority) and obtain your Certificate of Good Standing.

We provide discounted education savings through our education provider, OnCourse Learning.  We will consult with you on what education and/or testing requirements you have an will assist you in enrolling for the correct NMLS-approved pre-licensing courses.

We gather any company or principal information and documentation needed by NMLS.  This includes coordinating fingerprinting for states that require physical or electronic fingerprinting as part of the licensing process.

We partner with a national registered agent to provide you with a low rate of $99 per year (per state) for Registered Agent services in all 50 states. 

We prepare the surety bond application and manage the bond application process with our preferred surety provider.

We can provide templates for business plans, specific affidavits, resumes, financial statements, etc.

Every state requires different documentation, some of which require notarization, and each document has to be either uploaded to NMLS or mailed to the state regulatory agency.  In addition to submitting your company license application(s) via NMLS, we manage the submission of every license documentation requirement.

We will communicate with every state regulator on your behalf throughout the application process.  

Additional Services That Can Be Added:

It may not seem like a huge deal to update your address or add an officer in NMLS but there is a specific process that has to be followed in order to amend any company information (company name, address, officers, shares, etc.).  If the proper steps are not taken and if states are not given adequate advance notice, state agencies invoke hefty fines.  Contact us to discuss any amendments you need to make and we’ll walk you through the timeline and filing process.

This can be a confusing subject for a novice in licensing but we have experience with the intricacies that are involved with mergers and acquisitions and their affect on licensing.  Contact us to discuss more details and we will consult with you on the next steps to take.

Don’t let your license go inactive or be revoked because you missed a deadline or forgot about an annual report.  See our Licensing Maintenance Services and let us do the work to keep you licensed.

The long and short of it is Texas requires a physical office in the state in order to obtain a Texas mortgage license.  Don’t have a Texas office but want a piece of that Texas pie?  We provide monthly Texas Office Solutions for out-of-state companies.

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